Surgical Weight Loss / Bariatric Consultations

Profound life change requires more than surgery…

We have witnessed amazing life change in our patients who have undergone bariatric weight loss surgery. Before deciding if surgical weight loss is the right avenue for you, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what the surgery involves, and the necessary lifestyle changes to support your surgical decision. Further, there are three different surgical options to choose from and selecting the best procedure for you is an important component. It is imperative to remember profound life change requires more than surgery. Surgery happens only on day #1, but the changes in your eating habits and lifestyle must happen consistently for the rest of your life to ensure a positive long-term outcome and prevent harmful complications.

Our founder, Tiffany Britt, has extensive experience in the arena of supporting surgical weight loss patients and those suffering from morbid obesity. Prior to founding Tiffany Britt & Associates, Tiffany was the sole staff therapist at an Atlanta-area surgical weight loss practice. There, she designed a pre & post- surgical therapeutic protocol to improve surgical outcomes, as well as increase the likelihood for sustained life transformation and wellness through positive mental health practices, education, nutrition, exercise and overall life balance. Tiffany worked directly with the surgeons on a daily basis and partnered closely with the patients from their first office visit to the months and years following surgery. She hosted in-person support groups for potential, current and former patients, as well as created and managed an online support group which boasted nearly 1,000 members. As such, she has a direct and wholistic knowledge of what it takes to step into wellness following gastric bypass, the sleeve or banding.

This experience makes Tiffany uniquely qualified to partner with you wherever you are in the process…. whether just considering surgical options, being in the midst of a pre-operative protocol or in the weeks or months following surgery. She will discuss your questions, take an extensive personal history, examine your lifestyle habits and patterns, assist you in developing personal lifestyle, goals based on your hopes and dreams, discuss lifestyle changes you can put into action prior to or regardless of surgery, collaborate with your general surgeon, dietician and psychiatrist to ensure you are fully supported.

All insurance companies will require a psychological evaluation prior to approving surgical weight loss. In many instances these reports can be made by a licensed counseling therapist such as Tiffany Britt. Please be sure to double check what your specific carrier requires.