Divorce Coaching / Co-Parenting Plans

Parenting doesn’t end when a marriage ends.

Compassionate, self-less and intentional parenting is profoundly important in the midst of a marriage separation and divorce. Children are often lost in the process of bargaining and litigation. Divorces are often incredibly difficult to navigate. No one wants a judge making decisions for their child(ren) and family. In fact, many divorce decrees don’t contemplate each child’s unique emotional and social needs. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Partnering with a therapeutic professional who personally understands the devastation caused by divorce, is invaluable for a successful outcome. Couples contemplating a parenting plan or divorced co-parents struggling with an outcome of their agreement are encouraged to attend therapy together to develop a better plan for their family.

Children’s unique needs, as well as the desires of each parent, will be identified and our therapists will suggest a parenting plan which is tailored to your unique family’s needs or beneficial changes to an existing parenting plan. We may also propose changes or areas of compromise which consider the evolving needs of the children and family not contemplated in the original decree. Further, our therapists will provide additional support or referrals to supplemental resources when needed.

Specific benefits of Divorce and Parenting Plan Consultations include:

  • Helps identify the unique needs of children and parents
  • Provides emotional support for all family members
  • Reduces reactiveness in an emotional process
  • Allows you to be more calm, prepared and intentional in your decisions
  • Helps you parent effectively through this difficult transition
  • Increases collaboration and improves communication among family members
  • Improves cooperation from all parties for the benefit of the children
  • Helps organize thoughts and needs into a cohesive, workable plan for mediation and litigation
  • Creates a “divorce roadmap” to streamline the process
  • Increases your confidence in the process
  • Encourages the creation of a parenting plan outside of the court room with your unique children’s needs in mind
  • Often saves you time and money